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what you read

We love non-fiction books and articles. It's one of the easiest ways to discover and learn new insights and practices.

It's also easy to forget, though. Many paragraphs which seemed interesting at the first reading will be forgotten in a week. Most will be gone from our memory in a month.

Booxia helps with learning and remembering, by using science-proven methods: spaced repetion, active recalls & cloze deletion tests.

How it looks

Browser extension
Save selection
Daily email sample
Daily highligts email
Cloze deletion test sample
Cloze deletion test sample

How it works

Collect highlights

Import highlights from Kindle & more.

Select paragraphs on any web page, right-click and Save to Booxia, using a browser extension.


Tag, add personal notes, choose active recall questions, auto-generate cloze deletion tests and more.

Review online and by email

Login to Dashboard or get by email a few highlights every day, using a spaced repetition schedule for each item.

Clip selections from any web page

Using the convenient browser extension, just select text, right-click and choose Save to Booxia.

Save entire web page contents

Choose to save an entire web page. It will be added to your personal Booxia library, being available even if the original page is no longer accessible.

Receive your pieces of wisdom by daily email

Reconnect with books and articles you've read by getting reminded of highlights that you considered important.
Login to Dashboard to review online as flashcards.

Save text from physical books

Take a photo with your smartphone, use Google Lens to recognize text and paste into Booxia.

Fully searchable archive

Search your highlights and entire pages, even if no longer accessible online. View the full copy stored in your Booxia account.

Export your data anytime

Export data in readable JSON text format, for backup or importing into other apps.

Typical forgetting curve for newly learned information, with reviews


an affordable alternative to Readwise


/ mo
(billed annually)

Unlimited highlights

Unlimited full web page copies

Daily email & dashboard reviews

Browse & Search all saved content

Organize with Tags & Notes

Active recall & Cloze deletion